“Well Were Movin’ On Up” – Taxable and Non-Taxable Moving Expenses

The era of great sitcoms has passed, if it ever existed. One of my favorite shows in the 70’s was The Jefferson’s. This show broke a lot of the rules when it came to television for this time period. The first line of the theme song for The Jefferson’s was “Well Were Movin’ on Up”, I can still sing the words to the first verse today! If you have not had the opportunity to see and episode of The Jefferson’s check the internet I am certain there are episodes available.

For this blog I would like to utilize the line “Well Were Movin’ on Up” to discuss reimbursable moving expenses and the compensation related rules. The IRS code is very specific regarding what can be treated as non-taxable reimbursement and what must be treated as taxable compensation when an employer wishes to pick up the bill for the relocation.

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