“Well Were Movin’ On Up” – Taxable and Non-Taxable Moving Expenses

The era of great sitcoms has passed, if it ever existed. One of my favorite shows in the 70’s was The Jefferson’s. This show broke a lot of the rules when it came to television for this time period. The first line of the theme song for The Jefferson’s was “Well Were Movin’ on Up”, I can still sing the words to the first verse today! If you have not had the opportunity to see and episode of The Jefferson’s check the internet I am certain there are episodes available.

For this blog I would like to utilize the line “Well Were Movin’ on Up” to discuss reimbursable moving expenses and the compensation related rules. The IRS code is very specific regarding what can be treated as non-taxable reimbursement and what must be treated as taxable compensation when an employer wishes to pick up the bill for the relocation.

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“Take this Job and Shove It” say Goodbye to Unemployment Benefits

Johnny Paycheck made this song the anthem of the late 1970’s. This song was written by David Allen Coe and expressed the dissatisfaction of a nation coming out of the economic downturn of the 70’s. Today I use the title of this classic country song to discuss controlling unemployment insurance costs.

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“Show Me the Money” – Two Pieces of Pending Legislation You Should Know About

Legislative Update – February 2014

“Show me the money” is line from an old Tom Cruise movie “Jerry Maguire”. In the movie the line is the mantra of Jerry’s (Tom Cruise) client, a pro football player. In this Essential Payroll Series update we use the line as a warning regarding two pieces of pending legislation at the federal level.

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Mark Twain and Payroll – Essential Payroll Series 2014


Have you ever read “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”?

The humor of Mark Twain is both simple and complex, I suppose the mark of a fantastic writer and thinker. I just completed the short story “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”. If you have not had time to read this humorous classic then it is worth your attention.

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The End of Free Beer Fridays? -The Essential Payroll Series 2014

Is this the end of FREE BEER FRIDAYS! Yea, you read correctly, should free beer considered a bonus? I believe the great philosopher Homer Simpson said “you don’t buy beer, you just rent it”. So if we are only renting, is that a payroll issue? Believe it or not, it may be.

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Essential Payroll Series 2014 – Payroll Tax Deposits

Its payroll day, yeah, we have processed the employee payments and everybody is happy right? In the real world probably not, but on average most companies do a fantastic job of processing payroll. A significant number of employees receive their payments via direct deposit. But processing payroll is just half of the process. Now we must make sure the employment and federal tax deposits are made timely.

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Essential Payroll Series 2014- Interns (Paid or Unpaid)

So you want to help out the next generation, you want to provide some real world experience to an up and coming college student, and who knows, you may find your next employee. Sound familiar? Thousands of companies employ interns, but few know this is an area the Wage and Hour Division targets for payroll compliance.

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